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1 - Victory World ChurchBookstore - NorcrossBOOKSTORE: As a volunteer in the Bookstore you would assist guests by directing them toward and recommending resources, help stock shelves and maintain general cleanliness of the area, operate registers, duplicate audio materials, and assist with special event product tables.
1 - Victory World ChurchCafe - NorcrossCAFE: We strive to complement what God does in every Victory service with genuine customer interactions, quality products, and a safe atmosphere for heart connections and meaningful conversations. In the Cafe you'll take drink orders and handle transactions, learn to make handmade beverages, prepare food items, and facilitate a clean and engaging atmosphere.
1 - Victory World ChurchChildren's Ministry (VicKids) - NorcrossCHILDREN'S MINISTRY: VicKids is the children’s ministry of Victory World Church. Ministries that fall under the umbrella of VicKids include: Nursery, Preschool, Elementary, Special Needs, Fusion VicKids and VicKids Childcare. Within these ministries VicKids ministers to children from birth to 5th grade. The volunteer positions within VicKids range from support functions outside the classroom (lights, sound, greeters, administrative and leadership) to teaching positions inside the classrooms (teachers and head teachers). To learn more, submit your application. We look forward to answering your questions and inviting you to our next orientation.
1 - Victory World ChurchConnections (Membership Class) - NorcrossCONNECTIONS (MEMBERSHIP CLASS): To assist the Member Care Director and Administrative Assistant with the organization of new members class by helping new members become disciples, connect to serving opportunities, and become apart of a small group. Opportunities include greeting, material preparation and distribution, hospitality, and logistics.
1 - Victory World ChurchForward Ministry - Norcross FORWARD: Our Forward Basic Classes are designed to help you reach the next level in your relationship with Jesus. These classes consist of four transformational sessions essential for spiritual and emotional health. The two-day, Forward Weekend Experience is designed to propel your momentum towards wholeness through worship, illustrated teaching, and ministry exercises. The Basic Classes, in combination with the Weekend Experience, will empower you to live the life God created you to live. Volunteers are needed for both the Sunday Forward Basic classes and the FORWARD Weekend Experience. Volunteer opportunities include: greeters, data-entry, and facilitators to assist with ministry activities.
1 - Victory World ChurchGreeters - NorcrossGREETERS: We help first time visitors, members and guests by providing a pleasant and memorable experience when they come to service.
1 - Victory World ChurchHealth & Wellness Ministry - NorcrossHEALTH & WELLNESS: Medical Ministry members are available during services, to assist in the instance that someone has a medical need arise during service.
1 - Victory World ChurchLive ProductionOne of the goals of the Live Production department is to excellently communicate the Word of God through the use of audio, video & lighting. In volunteering with our ministry, you will have the opportunity to work with state of the art video equipment to help make this vision a reality.
1 - Victory World ChurchMarried Life Ministry - NorcrossMARRIED LIFE MINISTRY: Married Life Ministry focuses on marriage classes designed to provide a biblically grounded foundation for marriage. Serving opportunities include Administrative Assistance, Audio Video and Couples Small Group Facilitation.
1 - Victory World ChurchOffice Volunteer - NorcrossOFFICE VOLUNTEER: An Office Volunteer is assigned to a ministry that needs assistance with completing varying projects that contribute to the effective functioning of their ministry. All Office Volunteers need be available to serve during the Office Hours: Monday through Thursday. 9am til 5:00pm.
1 - Victory World ChurchParking Lot - NorcrossPARKING LOT: We help first time visitors, members and guests by providing a pleasant and memorable experience when they come to service.
1 - Victory World ChurchPreMarried Life - NorcrossPREMARRIED LIFE: An opportunity to speak into the lives of couples who are seriously dating or engaged.
1 - Victory World ChurchSecurity - NorcrossSECURITY: Security volunteers work to ensure the safety and security of our members, children, volunteers, guests and staff here at Victory. Our volunteers are selfless and dedicated servants who serve during regular weekend services and special events.
1 - Victory World ChurchShuttle Ministry - NorcrossSHUTTLE MINISTRY: We help first time visitors, members and guests by providing a pleasant and memorable experience when they come to service.
1 - Victory World ChurchSmall Group Leadership - NorcrossSMALL GROUP: Sometimes the next step in becoming a disciple is leading others. Being a Small Group Leader is an opportunity for you to grow in your leadership ability and minister to others who are growing in their faith.
1 - Victory World ChurchSpecial Events - NorcrossSPECIAL EVENTS: The Events team ensures that each guest has an enjoyable experience at every Victory special occasion. The responsibilities vary from greeting and checking in participants, decorating, preparing coffee, serving food, directing participants, as well as, setting up and cleaning up after each event. Help with various major ministry events could include the True Conference, True Talk, Amada Mia or other conferences.
1 - Victory World ChurchThe Capitol Interest- Norcross THE CAPITOL is the High School ministry of Victory World Church that meets on Wednesday evenings. Our leaders work together to facilitate small groups where our students can create lasting friendships and have meaningful discussions.
1 - Victory World ChurchThe City Interest - NorcrossTHE CITY (MIDDLE SCHOOL): Small Group leaders serve as front line leaders in the lives of Middle School students. As you will hear several times around the City, 'This is the last time in Middle School to write in the cement before it drys'. There are various other areas to serve on our team as well. From prayer team to Admin office work.
1 - Victory World ChurchTranslation - NorcrossTRANSLATION: The Translation Ministry helps to connect various nations to the message with simultaneous translation of the service. We currently translate the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Portugese, French, and Korean.
1 - Victory World ChurchUshers - NorcrossUSHERS: We help first time visitors, members and guests by providing a pleasant and memorable experience when they come to service.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Assist (Curbside Assistance) - NorcrossVICTORY ASSIST (CURBSIDE ASSISTANCE): We help first time visitors, members and guests by providing a pleasant and memorable experience when they come to service.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Facilities Services - NorcrossFACILITIES SERVICES: Here in VFS we look to prepare the way for the weekend by ensuring that the different environments where ministry happens have been setup properly. VFS is a behind the scene ministry that help with the setup and breakdown of classrooms, training & major events.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - AdelanteVictory Vida estará lanzando las clases de " Forward " en español la primera semana de Agosto.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - Amor en AcciónAMOR EN ACCIÓN: Están a cargo de atender a los visitantes primerizos todos los domingos y de llamar a quienes completaron las tarjetas de conexión. El equipo también se reúne regularmente para servir a aquellos dentro de la comunidad. Los tipos de alcance incluyen visitas a centros de detención juvenil, ministerio médico, visitas a hospitales, evangelismo callejero a personas sin hogar, servicios de limpieza y reparación de hogares, ministerio de hogares de ancianos, ministerio de crianza temporal, ministerio de embarazo en crisis, ministerio de muebles y mentoría para estudiantes de escuelas primarias.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - BienvenidaBIENVENIDA: Ayudamos a quienes visitan por primera vez, a los miembros y a los invitados al brindarles una experiencia agradable y memorable cuando asisten al servicio. Nuestros Grupo sonríen y dan la bienvenida a todos en el edificio y hacen que nuestra iglesia se sienta como en casa.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - Eventos EspecialesEVENTOS ESPECIALES: El equipo de Eventos se asegura de que cada invitado tenga una experiencia agradable en cada ocasión especial de Victory. Las responsabilidades varían de saludar y controlar a los participantes, decorar, preparar el café, servir comida, dirigir a los participantes, así como organizar y limpiar después de cada evento. La ayuda con varios eventos ministeriales importantes podría incluir Amada Mia, Influencia, y otras conferencias/eventos.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - Información INFORMACION: Ayuda en las mesas de Información Victory Vida.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - Llamado al AltarLLAMADO AL ALTAR: Este equipo intercede por el servicio y ora por gente al final del servicio y sobre las peticiones de Oración.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - OficinaOFICINA: Estas personas ayudarán a Victory Vida, asistente administrativo con tareas de oficina tales como: copias, folletos, ingreso de datos, ensamblaje de productos, soporte para eventos especiales.
1 - Victory World ChurchVictory Vida - TraduccionTRADUCCION: Este equipo se encarga en traduciendo las notas del Pastor de Victory Vida a Ingles para el servicio de Victory Vida los Domingos.
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