Gift of Marketable Securities

While gifts of cash are simple to make and fully deductible, gifts of marketable securities are frequently the most advantageous donations from a tax perspective.

Contributing of long-term, appreciated marketable securities to your fund account allows you to avoid paying capital gains tax. In additions, you still receive an income tax deduction equal to the full fair market value to the marketable security at the time it is contributed.

Gifts of long-term, appreciated marketable securities are fully deductible up to a maxium of 30%* of your adjusted gross income.


  • Purchase price of stock                  $5,000
  • Current value of stock                  $25,000
  • Stock contribution amount         $25,000
  • Charitable deduction                    $25,000
  • Capital gain avoided                     $20,000

*Portions of contributions in excess of the limit may be carried forward and used for up to five years.

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